When following a sensible weight loss program, you know the necessity of making sure that you get a variety of foods in each of the food groups. The variety is essential in order to hold your interest in your diet so you won’t quit until you reach your desired goal. Eating the same food constantly will create boredom and quite possibly spoil your intentions to lose your extra weight.

A grocery store is not our only option for purchasing garden cup fresh fruits and vegetables. Over the course of time, more and more farmer’s markets have sprung up, and they have become a very popular alternative to grocery stores. The major appeal of these markets is that the produce is grown locally, and so they support local farmers.

Local products are slowly becoming more appealing to the population, since the food is grown organically with no chemical sprays used. With all the chemicals being used today on fruits and vegetables, who can be sure what we are taking into our bodies when we eat them?

We unknowingly may be putting ourselves at great risk for serious diseases or major health issues due to the toxins and poisons in chemical sprays used on produce. Not only do we have to worry about what is used on the produce and fruits brought in across state lines, but what is imported from other countries. We are importing more and more fruits and vegetables, so the concern is growing.

If you have never shopped at a farmer’s market before, I urge you to check out your local farmer’s market when you shop next time for the healthy food that you need for your weight loss plan. I’m certain that you will be pleased with what your market has to offer. Even if you have to pay a little more, the price will be well worth it.

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