If you have a knack on writing impressive proposals, you have a better chance of winning more contracts and producing more profits for your video production business. Do you think your current proposal system is enough to win a client’s approval? Do you believe that by improving your writing proposal system, you can gain more projects? Do you find it challenging to express the importance of your Video Corporativo en Ingles via document or in person?

If this is the case, you’ll need this to take your business to the next level. I will tell you how I write my proposals because these are the proposals I use to get those big contracts and earn a big amount of money.

Before I start, it’s essential to make it clear to your clients why they should get your video production services. The reason is not about getting recognition or following what their competition does. The main reason why companies get video services is because they know that it will help them fulfill three things.

1.) Generate more dollars

2.) Preserve more dollars

3.) Generate and preserve more dollars.

What you need to do to get these larger budget projects is to make them realize that investing in your video services will help them achieve all of these things. If you are not successful in making them understand this, they will never approve your proposal. That’s it. If you can make them see the value of their investment, they will definitely sign your contract.

Knowing the Demand

After successfully producing a lot of videos for a high-end company, I wanted to know why they weren’t interested in using video to spread information to their workers and customers more often. They have several employees and customers all over the U.S. After my research, I learned that they weren’t worried about the production cost. They were more worried about the cost of distribution and duplication.

I understood that from my past experiences, I am capable of decreasing the distribution expenses by 75%. But if I want to achieve this, I need to have an online streaming video platform to help my client organize his videos for his target audience.

Offering a Solution

After assessing the expenses and finding an online distribution solution, I asked for a meeting with my client so I can explain my idea. They got curious with what I explained that’s why they asked me to create a presentation within 4 weeks.

For a successful presentation, I need to make a proposal that will impress them and show them the statistics that it’s possible to reach their target viewers using video but at 75% lesser than what they originally been spending before. This strategy will only need their communications department instead of their IT personal for distribution of the content. These are the things I have incorporated to seal the deal.

In the coming month, I made a brief video as an introduction, created an interactive presentation and printed colored booklets that had the documents of the presentation and the research I completed about the advantages of implementing video to reach out to employees and customers. I wanted the client to feel enthusiastic about the product by letting them understand the advantages they will get from a streaming video channel.

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