To create a family style cookbook is an easy fundraising project. Seriously. There is always a certain amount of organization involved, but it is not difficult, and the results can be fabulous. One reason that fundraisers use personalized cookbooks is because they are just that…personalized. Imagine a cookbook consisting of recipes from all the best cooks in your organization or in10sityfitnessunited community. If you are one of the people in this world who eat – which is most of us – those desserts, entrees, pastries and goodies will be sure to please your taste buds. People who contribute their favorite recipes don’t give their “average” ones for publication. Obviously they don’t provide the recipes that are big duds. They want their best, most popular and in some cases, their most famous recipes to be included because their names may be printed next to it. You can guarantee that the cookbook will be jam packed with the best recipes available.

Will People Buy My Cookbook?

People are inherently generous and helpful. The Salvation Army bell ringers can attest to that fact. Folks drop money in the bucket with no expectation of any return other than the satisfaction of helping a good cause. In that same light, you will find that people will buy the personalized family style cookbook for the same reason, but are willing to cough up a larger wad of money because they are also getting a valuable product for their donation. Whatever the reason for your fundraiser, people will be eager to buy your cookbook in order to do their part.

What If Everyone Already Has A Cookbook At Home?

Don’t worry that perhaps there are too many cookbooks out there already. It simply isn’t the case. My wife is a prime example. She has more cookbooks than Betty Crocker. OK…I exaggerated a bit there, but she has dozens of them. Interestingly enough, a majority of them are cookbooks created by various organizations that were raising money for a charity, a school activity, a church group, or some other worth cause.

Why Shouldn’t I Try Some Other Fundraiser?

Think about this, too. A cookbook fundraiser is easier than a car wash in the parking lot of the grocery store. It requires much less work than operating a food stand at the local street fair. Not nearly as many man-hours are needed as you will need for a pancake feed or chili feed fundraiser. And it is infinitely better than sending your children out to go door-to-door selling overpriced candy or popcorn to friends, neighbors and relatives who begrudgingly fork over the cash because they don’t wish to be remembered as “the one who wouldn’t buy anything.”

How Should I Get Started?

The trick is to find a reputable cookbook publisher. Find one that provides the on-line tools and assistance that lets you create a customized cookbook. Last, try to use a publisher who has a guarantee. Yes, I said a guarantee. They are out there, so look until you find one. Now…get started!

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