When you want to go on vacation there are lots of place you will be interested in and looking for a place to stay is your number one priority, such as the vacation rentals in Fish Hoek Cape Town. Fish Hoek is one of the popular seaside resort towns in Cape Town and this is where you can find all kinds of different types of vacation rentals including self catering homes, self catering apartments, bed and breakfasts, guest house, hotels, and various other options. With most of the vacation rentals in Fish Hoek Cape Town you will discover that they are small and more private than others in Cape Town.

They are isolated and usually have great views of the ocean overlooking Fish Hoek beach and False Bay where you can enjoy whale watching, swimming, and boating. cozyturtlerv With the apartments and houses to let in the avenues you have peace and quiet with only a short drive or walk to the shops and beach. With most of the self catering options, they are used for this purpose all year round which makes them ideal for any type of holiday you want. They are not normally rented out just for one part of the year, which means that you can enjoy the luxury of extending your vacation if you like and you also don’t have to worry about other people’s personal belongings.

Other types of vacation rentals in Fish Hoek Cape Town include short term rentals and the private guest houses which are normally located on the mountainside. The short term rental options are ideal for those visitors who want to stay for a month or two and you will enjoy a monthly rate which will save you a lot of money. The private guest houses are similar to self catering options, but you will also get additional benefits of a maid and butler service, complimentary tea and coffee, and some other services which are determined by the specific guest house you are staying at.

With these different types of vacation rentals in Fish Hoek Cape Town, you can definitely find the perfect solution to your accommodation needs. The Fish Hoek Valley is a beautiful place to stay when you come to Cape Town, located near the tip of the peninsula, and is close to Cape Point Nature Reserve, one of the hot spots when you are on vacation.

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